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Vice President’s Staff Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2017


Muriel Mickles, Peter Dorman, Cindy Wallin, Michael Farris, Patti Saffioti, Pat Gatti, Mike Danos, Ed McGee, Mary Evans, Jim Lemons, Alison Moore, and Juville Dario-Becker

Agenda Items:

OER: Juville Dario-Becker

-      Juville gave an update on OER and the courses that are being developed for the grant.

-      She asked everyone to encourage their faculty to get their courses Lumen certified and teach more OER courses.

Production of Web-based Courses: Ed McGee

-       Ed went over the additions and corrections to the policy of and agreement for producing web-based courses.

-       Muriel asked the deans to work with Ed and his team to continue working on this issue.

Adjunct Faculty Evaluations: Muriel Mickles

-       Muriel touched bases with the academic deans to go over adjunct faculty evaluations.

Professional Development: Muriel Mickles

-       Muriel said that the new Professional Development Coordinator will be Alison Moore.

-       Look for coming emails from Alison regarding policy, procedures, timelines, etc. in the future.

Workforce Integration: Muriel Mickles

-       Muriel said that workforce will be integrating into academics.

-       Ruth will be retiring in May and Jim will be taking over collaborating the two. 


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