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Task Force to Create Policies for
SACS Comprehensive Standards 3.4.11 and 3.7.2
Present: Dr. Hicks, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Keeth Williams, Dr. Rhoads, Dr. Sparhawk, Dr. Randolph, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Laub, Dr. Fronheiser
Dr. Hicks said that the last time we met, we were going to go back to look at the handouts and let the Subcommittees get together to continue to perfect and finalize their reports. He asked that the Evaluation Subcommittee begin with their report.
Dr. Sparhawk said that the Evaluation Subcommittee did not have any handouts. He said that the committee took their ideas to the Faculty Association and they seemed to be relatively accepting of the ideas of trying to improve their teaching. He said that there were some questions that came up and one was with what to do with more experienced teachers. They were wondering if this would be something that would be beneficial to the more experienced teachers or not. He said in their conversation, they determined that it could be to some extent. Some of the other questions/suggestions that they had were:
·         Who reviews the program heads?
·         When are the forms to be filled out?
·         When will the teachers go back and show what actions they have taken to improve?
·         A suggestion was to have two forms: one analyzing the evaluations and one analyzing the actions that were taken based on the evaluations.
·         Another suggestion was for the forms to be online and housed online so more paperwork is not created.
Dr. Sparhawk said that, generally, there did not seem to be a whole lot of negative comments. He said that the Evaluation Subcommittee will work on the form of everything more and bang out the details. He said that they should have something more concrete and ready for everyone to decide upon by the next meeting.
Next, Dr. Hicks asked for a report from the Program Head Responsibilities Subcommittee. Ms. Anderson said that they did not really have any “homework” this week because they cannot really progress until more program head area definitions are set. Dr. Hicks asked if everyone had a chance to look over the handout that this committee supplied at the last meeting. Everyone said yes.
Dr. Mickles asked if program heads could be either full-time or part-time faculty. Dr. Fronhesier said that since there are so few programs that will have part-time program heads, he thinks it will be fine to just explain to SACS the particular situations. He said that he agrees with what Mr. Arrington said last time about not asking SACS beforehand because if they do say that all of our program heads need to be fill-time are we going to be able to hire full-time faculty or are we going to be willing to cancel those programs?
Dr. Lemons read an email that he received from Mr. Arrington, who was not in attendance at the meeting because he was attending a SACS meeting as the Institutional Effectiveness representative for Lynchburg College, who suggested making the program head responsibilities as basic as the SACS requirements demand and then for CVCC internal purposes, make them more detailed.
Dr. Hicks asked if everyone is in agreement that the document the Program Head Responsibilities Subcommittee presented at the last meeting will be the document that is presented at SACS for CS 3.4.11. Everyone agreed.
Dr. Hicks asked for the report from the Program Definition Subcommittee. Each dean passed out their Possible Program Head Areas handouts. Dr. Hicks counted them all up and said that there are 40 programs listed. Dr. Lemons said that this is simply a snapshot and the statistical numbers are representative of this spring semester. Dr. Hicks asked if the deans could put all of their documents together in one document for easier viewing. Dr. Hicks asked if everyone wanted some time to look over these documents and they said that they would need at least a week. Dr. Hicks said that he thinks since we are talking about something that will affect all faculty, they should be encouraged to review the minutes of these meetings and the handouts and provide their feedback to people on this committee or to the chair of the Faculty Association. Dr. Sparhawk said that this was presented to the Faculty Association. Dr. Hicks said that all faculty, not just the ones who attend the Faculty Association meetings, should be given an opportunity to review this.
There will be no meeting next week due to the SLPR meeting that will be going on all day. Dr. Hicks asked Jessica Riddick to track down everyone’s schedule to come up with the next meeting time in two weeks that will work for everyone.

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