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Task Force to Create Policies for
SACS Comprehensive Standards 3.4.11 and 3.7.2
Present: Dr. Hicks, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Keeth Williams, Ms. Forester, Mr. Ferguson, Dr. Rhoads, Dr. Sparhawk, Dr. Randolph, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Fronheiser
Dr. Hicks asked the members of the Program Definition Sub-committee to start off the meeting with their updates. There was no new report from this sub-committee. Dr. Fronheiser said that he looked at Dr. Mickles’ program definitions and he liked the way she broke hers down. He said that it made sense to him.  
Next, Dr. Hicks asked for the report from the Evaluation Sub-committee. Dr. Sparhawk said that Dr. Laub is the person who is putting the form together that they discussed at the last meeting. He said that they talked about some modifications to that form, but he has not heard from Dr. Laub yet. Dr. Fronheiser said that they will clean up the form and make the changes that the Faculty Association suggested. He said that they will have it ready for review by the next meeting. One unanswered question that came up in the sub-committee is who evaluates the program heads. Dr. Fronheiser said that he thought that the process that they are developing is a self-evaluation process and they will just check off that they have done the evaluations.
Dr. Hicks said that there is not anything else that the Program Head Sub-committee can do until the Program Definition Sub-committee determines what the programs are.
Dr. Hicks asked where we are with Program Definition. Dr. Lemons said that each dean put together for each division what programs they think need program heads. They sent them to Dr. Laub to be put together in one Excel spreadsheet for easier viewing. That spreadsheet was uploaded to the Communication Central for everyone to view. Dr. Hicks said that he thinks that the Program Definition Sub-committee needs to make a recommendation to the President and his staff as to what they think is in the best interest of the college when it comes to program heads. Dr. Lemons said that this has been posted, it has gone to the Faculty Association and he thinks it has been vetted. He does not see any problem with it moving on and getting approval.
Dr. Sparhawk pointed out that the General Studies, Liberal Arts and Education programs encompass all three divisions, so those program heads are going to have a completely different sense of responsibilities because they are going to have to coordinate with all divisions. Dr. Lemons said that is where the specific responsibilities and duties will come into play. Dr. Rhoads said that he has some questions about the program definitions in SME. Dr. Mickles suggested that the deans should get together with their faculty, give them some opportunity for feedback and bring the results back to the next meeting.
Dr. Sparhawk suggested to the deans that they identify potential heads, contact them, and ask them if they were a program head with the basic list of responsibilities what more would they need to do to evaluate the program. He also suggested that the deans ask them what compensation they would think would be necessary for those duties.
Dr. Lemons said that something he wants to know from the administration is what compensation will be available for the program heads.  Once they know what amount they are dealing with, they will be able to determine the various amounts to give for the various levels of responsibilities.
Dr. Lemons pointed out that there are 66 full-time faculty and there would be a need for 39 program heads. If we give them release time, that is less time for them to be in the classroom. He said that SACS recommends that we have 70% full-time faculty teaching classes. He said that we are already below that recommendation and this would make us even lower. Dr. Mickles agreed and said that the deans are concerned that some of their full-time faculty who are the best teachers will be pulled out of the classrooms. Dr. Rhoads suggested that program heads could be hired so current teachers would not have to get pulled out of the classroom.
Dr. Hicks asked if it would make sense to take the list of programs as they currently exist, and send it to the President and ask him if all of the program heads could be compensated. He would send everyone the President’s feedback as soon as he hears it. Dr. Mickles said that compensation is the biggest factor for program heads. Dr. Lemons said that they need to know what kind of compensation will be offered – will it be release time or a stipend? He said that he thinks that if they do release time, it honors the faculty rank. Dr. Fronheiser said that the program heads are going to have to be a combination of compensation/money/release time and service to the college. He said that it might include service to the college in a different way than what they are used to doing.
Dr. Mickles asked if there are other VCCS colleges that already have program heads and a compensation plan in place. Dr. Fronheiser said yes. She said that maybe we need to look at them and see if we can adopt the same plan. Dr. Lemons suggested looking to Virginia Western to see what they do.
Dr. Mickles said that her biggest concern is losing the best of the best of teaching hours to program head hours. Dr. Randolph said that if he is the department head and is given 15 hours of release time, a new full-time faculty will need to be hired to help fill-in. Dr. Rhoads said that when hiring more full-time faculty, you can hire them as the program head.
Dr. Sparhawk asked of the 39 programs listed, how many programs already have program heads that are getting compensated. Dr. Mickles said she has one, Dr. Lemons said he has three and Dr. Rhoads said that he thinks SME has two.
Dr. Hicks said that he will take this information to Dr. Capps and tell him that they cannot move forward without his feedback.
There will be no meeting for the next two weeks because Dr. Hicks will be out of town. The next meeting will be Wednesday, May 30th at 8:30am.

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