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Task Force to Create Policies for
SACS Comprehensive Standards 3.4.11 and 3.7.2
Present: Dr. Hicks, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Keeth Williams, Dr. Randolph, Dr. Mickles, Ms. McIvor
Dr. Hicks passed around a handout that he just put together of all of the programs that will require program heads. He said the question at hand is whether Business Administration and Management can be merged, as well as Math and Math-Developmental. He said that we will need some answers regarding that.
Dr. Hicks said that he talked to the President about release time/stipends for program heads. He passed around the email that he received from Dr. Capps. He read from the email that Dr. Capps said “we can provide release time if the assignment warrants it. The amount of time depends on the extent of the duties. We need to determine that first, then equate the duties to the number of credits, with each credit equaling 40 clock hours. Clearly, some of these departments/responsibilities will require significant investments of time; others, virtually nothing.” Dr. Hicks said that this is where we are now. We have identified the programs that we want to have people manage. The question now is the duties. He said that will have to be determined by the deans in consultation with the possible heads. That is the next step. The deans will create a set of duties for each head, which will vary from the basics (which have already been identified that were created by Ms. Anderson and her committee) to more extensive than that. After that, they will need to explicitly determine how many hours are needed for each of the programs.
Susan said that when they put out their big list of the basics, they were wondering which programs have outside program accreditation, other than Allied Health and Culinary. Dr. Hicks said that is something that the deans will have to answer. Susan said that maybe that is something that they might take out of the basics and would be an add-on. Dr. Hicks said that he thinks that is a good idea because there are probably only a couple that would fall into that category. Everyone agreed that outside accreditation will not be part of the basic duties list.
Dr. Mickles said, regarding the duties, that that is something that she would like the deans to get together and work on together. Dr. Hicks asked her to take leadership in that and make it happen. He said that he thinks it did not make sense for the group to meet again until the deans have a list of duties and proposed hours for each program head. She said that it will probably take two weeks to come up with that information.
Dr. Hicks said that he believes that the model of 40 clock hours equal to one semester hour should be the standard for any release time from here on out. He said that this is the President’s thinking on any release time for anybody. He said that he thinks it would be wise for the deans to use the model that the President presented. He said that it needs to be stated and explicit so that there are no misunderstandings or ambiguities.
There will be no meeting next week. The next meeting will be a call meeting when the deans are ready to present a report to the group.
Handouts from meeting:

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