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Task Force to Create Policies for
SACS Comprehensive Standards 3.4.11 and 3.7.2
Present: Dr. Hicks, Ms. Anderson, Ms. Keeth Williams, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Laub, Ms. Forster, Ms. Holbrook, Dr. Sparhawk, Mr. Ferguson, and Dr. Fronheiser
Dr. Mickles gave everyone a handout regarding program coordinator and program head distinctions. She asked everyone to read over it so they could discuss it further.
Dr. Fronheiser asked about the areas that do not have a program coordinator and whether or not the program head would take on the assessment responsibilities. Dr. Mickles said yes they would. Dr. Lemons said in many cases the program head and the program coordinator will be the same person. Dr. Mickles agreed and said that she could add that in the document.
Everyone was in favor of recommending this proposal for adoption as policy.
Dr. Hicks asked when the report from the deans regarding the list of program heads/coordinators will be ready. The deans said they could be ready in three weeks.
Ms. Forster said that since all three deans were present, she wanted to make them aware that they will have to do position descriptions for all faculty positions. She said that she just wanted to give them a heads up that this is going to be implemented because of SACS requirements.
There will be no meeting for the next two weeks. The next meeting will take place on July 18th.

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