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Task Force to Create Policies for
SACS Comprehensive Standards 3.4.11 and 3.7.2
Present: Mr. Sandidge, Ms. Keeth Williams, Dr. Mickles, Dr. Lemons, Dr. Laub, Ms. Forster, Mr. Arrington, and Dr. Randloph
Mr. Sandidge said that we need to finalize release time now that we have the duties set. Once the parameters for release time are set, then the Deans will be able to sit down and work with the program heads/coordinators.
Mr. Sandidge said that when they request release time for the program heads/coordinators, they will have to tie it to the bullets that list the duties. He said that that 1 hour of release time will equal 40 hours of work. He said that a faculty member cannot get more than 15 hours of release time a year, and the faculty teaching load and release time cannot go over 40 hours total.
Mr. Sandidge wanted each dean to tell him how they do their release time in their division and then figure out how we can standardize the process as best we can.
Dr. Mickles said that she did not use the 40 hours equals 1 credit policy since that is new with Dr. Capps. She said that she used an arbitrary number based on what she thought the individual was doing during the semester from what they provided to her. She also looked back and used historical data of things that were done in the division before she was there. She said that they used a release time form, which was a very old form. Both Dr. Lemons and Dr. Laub said that is the same form that they use to submit for release time.
Mr. Sandidge said that the justification is important so the faculty know what they are supposed to do, how much credit they will get and what is expected of them.
Dr. Laub passed around a handout that he drafted up for release time requests. He said that the old form that everyone is using does not include an area for a description of what they are supposed to be doing. He said that this is just a draft of what the new release time request could look like.
Dr. Lemons said that he has been using the 40 hours guideline with the ones that he has recently submitted. He said that he submits two forms. For one form, he has the faculty member submit to him detailed bullet points of how many hours they are spending doing their duties, add the hours up and give him a grand total. Then he attaches that to the release time request form to show justification for the request.
Mr. Sandidge said that it needs to be fair and equitable. The Deans, along with the faculty, just need to give it their best guess. He said that it will not be perfect this first year, but after a year it can be re-evaluated. He said that it can even be reviewed mid-year and changes can be made when necessary.
Dr. Mickles said that this is going to be a lot of release time, more than we have ever had before. She asked Mr. Sandidge if we have the budget to support all of this release time.  Mr. Sandidge said that we do not have a choice, we have to fund it.
Mr. Sandidge said that he will send out an email to the faculty letting them know that the Deans will be working with them regarding release time. He said that once he sends the email out and gets the release time, we can close the loop on this. He said that since this taskforce was created for these items that have now been resolved, he did not think it needs to continue. Everyone agreed. He said that this group can reconvene at a later time if necessary, but at this point, they are done with these meetings.
Mr. Sandidge thanked the members of the taskforce for their hard work and dismissed the meeting.
Handout from meeting:
Release Time Request
Tasks and Time estimate:
Credit hours of release requested:  (Time estimate in hours/40)
Report on task completion:
 Initial Approval:                                 Final Approval:

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