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Compliance Committee

Meeting Date: October 28, 2013

Members Present: Nancy Mitchell, Russell Dove, Lucy Reynolds, Lucy Carter Smith, Julie Dailey, Deborah Harris, Dani Van Vierssen, Tanita Anthony

Members Absent: Connie Sublett

The first order of business was to select officers for the upcoming year.  This was the first official meeting of the Compliance Committee for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The committee selected Tanita Anthony as Recorder, and Nancy Mitchell and Julie Dailey as Co-Chairs.  The committee recommended that Leticia Forster be invited to join the committee as the new representative from administration.  The committee is still seeking nominations for a part-time staff representative.

Due to scheduling conflict with several committee members that occurred, due to work at home days and/or clinical lab requirements, the committee decided  to reschedule their meetings from those proposed in the Meeting Calendar for Group C Committees.  The Compliance Committee voted to meet instead on:  Monday, November 25, January 27, March 3, and April  14 from 2:15 until 3:15. The room has been changed to 2309 for the rest of the academic year Connie Sublett is not on campus on Mondays, so the committee will set up a SKYPE connection and have her join the committee from home on those days when she is working there instead of on campus.

The Compliance Committee goal for 2013-2014 is:

Identify and create a list of the College’s 2013-2014 compliance documentation including the information required, the college department responsible for maintaining the document, and any relevant due dates.


 This will include resources, persons responsible, and the report timeline.

Each committee member will work with specific departments to compile this information.

 The committee will meet again, November 13, 2013 at 2:15 p.m. to plan for the collection of data for the compliance reporting timeline that has been set as our goal for this year.




Attached Agenda:

Compliance Committee

Meeting: 10/28/13


1.       Election of Officers

a.       Chair(s)

b.      Secretary


2.       Compliance Committee web site and Communication Central VA Community College


3.       Room/date changes for rest of academic year


4.       Amend Mission Statement and Goals


5.       Compliance requirements for each Division/Department – Nancy Mitchell


6.       New compliance requirements – Nancy Mitchell


7.       Issues dealing with compliance at this time


8.       Planning


9.       Other



October 28.13, Room #2309, 1:00-2:00 p.m.


Purpose: The Compliance Committee develops programs to educate the College community on VCCS policies and regulations, such as those mandated by OSHA, ADA, and EEOC.  The committee will address complaints or violations outside the responsibilities of other committees or the Human Resources Office.


I.  Membership






ADA Coordinator


Nancy Mitchell


Administrator Representative

2012-2014 (2yr)



Chief of Police

2013-2014 (1yr)

Russell Dove

(O) 434-832 7786

(F) 434-832- 7882


Classified Staff

2012-2014 (2yr)

Lucy Reynolds

434-832-7628; fax 434-386-4680


Emergency Management Coordinator


Lucy Carter Smith


Faculty Representative

2012-2014 (2yr)

2013-2015 (2yr)

Julie Dailey

Debra Harris


(434) 832-7746

HR Representative

2013-2014 (1yr)

Connie Sublett

(434) 832-7612     

Part-time Staff Representative

2012-2014 (2yr)



Student Activities Coordinator


Dani Van Vierssen



Student Representative

2013-2014 (1yr)

Tanita Anthony 






 A. Nominations to complete membership


 B. Election





II. Meeting Dates/Time

A.    Committee Survey Results: M or W, 1:00-2:00 p.m.

B.     Proposal: M or W, 2:30-3:30 p.m. in order to meet all committee members schedules

C.     Compliance Committee must meet prior to College Governance Committee To Report

D.    Oct. 28 Compliance Committee; Governance Committee Oct. 29

Compliance Committee Meetings

Change Date To

Governance Meets

September 10, Former Chair resigned


Sept. 17 No representation

Oct. 22 - Elected chairs, rescheduled meeting

Oct. 28 (M)

Oct. 29

Nov. 26


Dec. 3

Jan. 28


Feb. 4

March 4


March 18

April  15


April 22


VIII. Meeting Calendar (for 2013 – 2014 Academic Year)

The following schedule will allow the Activity Hour to be utilized by the committees for their meetings and is designed to ensure that committees with permanent members do not have meetings at the same times.  Additional meetings can be scheduled by any committee, but should not be scheduled during the Activity Hour.

(Tuesday, 1:00 PM)

Committee Group


(Tuesday, 1:00 PM)

Committee Group

August 20 (*PT-8/22)


January 7 (*PT-1/9)


August 27

Group A

January 14

Group A

September 3

Group B

January 21

Group B

September 10

Group C

January 28

Group C

September 17

College Governance

February 4

College Governance

September 24 (*PT-9/26)


February 11 (*PT-2/13)


October 1

Group A

February 18

Group A

October 8

Group B

February 25

Group B

October 15

Fall Break

March 4

Group C

October 22

Group C

March 11

Spring Break

October 29

College Governance

March 18

College Governance

November 5 (*PT-11/7)


March 25 (*PT-3/27)


November 12

Group A

April 1

Group A

November 19

Group B

April 8

Group B

November 26

Group C

April 15

Group C

December 3

College Governance

April 22

College Governance

December 10

Exams begin

April 29

Exams begin



Group A

Group B

Group C

Constituencies and College Governance



Cultural Diversity



Faculty Assoc.

(Room 2123)


Evaluation and Assessment

Employee Recognition

Facilities and Finance




Safety and Security

Student Success

Professional Development

Classified Association


Social Events


PR and Marketing

Part-Time Association(*Thursday)


III. Establish Goal(s) for Governance Committee for 2013-2014

A.    Goal Criteria - S.M.A.R.T. Method

B.     VCCS Goal 2013 – 2014

C.     CVCC Goals 2013 - 2014

D.    Establish Compliance Committee Goals in respect to VCCS and CVCC Goals

S.M.A.R.T. Goal Guidelines


When someone looks at your goal, they should be able to understand what you mean by it.  At higher levels, these may be more general.  This is not an issue if it can be broken down and made specified at the committee level.


You can measure anything.  For task-like goal, consider the outcome of what would be a good indicator of getting the goal achieved.


Goals at committee levels should fit well (align) what happens at the next level up.  Your goals should fit in to the college goals.


Although a little wishful thinking if fine, most goals should be achievable or else people get frustrated.  So a balance might be having some realistic goals with a few that show more ambition.


Put a time frame on the desired outcome.  Complicated goals or visions might need a more vague date.



Raise at least $550 million in cumulative gift and grans to support the mission of Virginia’s Community Colleges.


CVCC Goals for 2013-2014:  GOAL:  FACILITIES

35. Complete renovation of student center

36. Provide state-of-the-art equipment for instruction.

37. Complete renovation of restrooms in Amherst and Campbell halls.

38. Continue to support the planning and renovation of Amherst and Campbell halls.


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