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Compliance Committee
November 14, 2013
Present: N. Mitchell, D. van Vierssen, T. Anthony, J. Dailey, L. Reynolds, D. Harris
Absent: R. Dove, L. Carter-Smith, C. Sublett
Nancy motioned for approval of minutes from the Compliance Committee Meeting on October 28th, Julie seconded the motion and the minutes were approved.
The Compliance Committee goal for 2013-2014 was revisited. The goal established at the last meeting was:
Identify and create a list of the College’s 2013-2014 compliance documentation including the information required, the college department responsible for maintaining the document, and any relevant due dates.
There was confusion on whether the documentation should include only the areas that each department has to submit reports for or if it should encompass broader policies that each department needs to be in compliance with. It was decided that the documentation should only include the areas that each department creates and submits reports for.
Julie Dailey offered to create a generic form that the committee members can use to collect data on their respective departments. The compliance areas identified were assigned to members of the committee as follows:
Purchasing – Lucy Reynolds
Counseling – Nancy Mitchell
Grant Funding – Julie Dailey
Accounting – Lucy Reynolds
Human Resources – Connie Sublett
Buildings & Grounds – Russell Dove/Lucy Carter-Smith
Certification Programs – Deborah Harris
Medical Programs – Deborah Harris
Public Safety -- Russell Dove/Lucy Carter-Smith
Clinical Compliance – Deborah Harris
Instructional Technology and Security – Dani van Vierssen
Financial Aid – Nancy Mitchell
Foundation – Julie Dailey
Admissions and Records – Nancy Mitchell
Workforce Development – Dani van Vierssen
The next meeting will be held on November 25th at 2:15pm. Dani will talk to IT to get Connie set up with Skype/Google Chat so she can join us for the meeting.

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