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Compliance Committee Minutes

January 27, 2014

Members Present:  Nancy Mitchell, Debbie Harris, and Julie Dailey

The first order of business was to discuss the minutes from the last meeting.  The Compliance Committee letter and template that was approved was not included in the minutes.  Nancy will work to get these lists attached to those minutes and we will vote to approve them at the next meeting.

The committee members finalized the reporting requirements master list for this semester.  It is included below.  In addition, a status report of what work has already been done is listed so that we can track those areas that might need further attention before the deadline for submission by committee members on March 3, 2014.

The Committee Requests that all Departments/Programs contacted by the Compliance Committee create a digital file using the template format created by the committee to help with finalizing the report at the end of this semester.  The template is shown at the end of these minutes.

Compliance Committee Assignments – 2014: Master List for Compilation



Department/Person Responsible

Template provided to appropriate department (Y/N)

Date completed documents returned to Compliance Committee

Lucy Reynolds






Nancy Mitchell

Student Services

(Counseling, ADA, Admissions, Records, Financial Aid, and Student Success Center)




Julie Dailey

Grant Funding



Submitted letter/template to Grants Office and the Foundation for input


Connie Sublett

Human Resources




Russell Dove/Lucy Carter-Smith

Building and Grounds

Public Safety

Submitted letter/template to Buildings and Grounds and Public Safety for input


Deborah Harris

Medical Programs

Certification Programs

Clinical Compliance

Department/Person Responsible

Submitted letter/template to Medical Programs and Certification Programs for input


Dani van Vierssen

Instructional Technology and Security

Workforce Development





Nancy Mitchell reported that she will be discussing ADA issues regarding the CVCC main campus and satellite campuses with Building and Grounds.  Lucy Carter Smith and Russell Dove will also be talking to Buildings and Groups regarding Safety issues at the CVCC main campus and satellite campuses.

Julie asked that the group members start thinking of officers for the next academic year as we will have to elect officers at our April 2014 meeting

Nancy discussed the advantages of Read&WriteGold for all students.  This is a learning resource and aid for all students who need to write and/or submit papers for their classes.  There are multiple training sessions during the day and at night to get students ready to use this resource.  The Training sessions last about 30 minutes and are advertised on the CVCC TV system in all buildings on campus.

It was noted that our next meeting is scheduled for March 3, 2014 and the committee would ask that all members please try to attend, as this meeting is critical to gathering the information that we need for our final report.  Dani, Debbie, and Julie will finalize that report and present it at the April 2014 meeting.

Excel Template file






Submitted by Julie Dailey

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