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Compliance Committee Meeting Minutes
March 30, 2015
Members Attending:
Nancy Mitchell
Debbie Harris
Linda Daye
Jason Ferguson
The meeting was called to order by Nancy Mitchell at 1pm.
Linda reported that Loretta (Marshall) contacted the Blackboard administrator from Dabney Lancaster. They have a FERPA training in Knowledge Center, however, it is not currently working. They are working to get it fixed. Since it is not working now and we don't know when it might be working Nancy asked if it would be possible to visit it. Linda suggested that we email the administrator, and volunteered to do so.
Jason stated that he contacted David Lightfoot about placing a consent form online. Lightfoot was looking into it; Jason has not heard anything further.
Debbie emailed Ed McGee about creating an in house video but received no response from him.
Linda stated that FERPA is included in SANS training. Nancy said that it was so small; we are looking for something that was all encompassing. She provided an example of a call that she had received today from a mother wishing to discuss her son's need for ADA. Nancy had to explain to both parties the requirement for FERPA in order to discuss such issues with the mother. Nancy stated that there is also a need for FERPA training for Dual Enrollment and counseling. Further, when parents contact faculty members, faculty need to abide by FERPA laws.
Nancy said that there are some FERPA videos which address different issues. We may need a package of three to address all of the issues. As Coordinator for Title IX and ADA, FERPA is important. It is also important to the roles of faculty.
Nancy: It is very difficult and time consuming for our staff to do an in house video. Could we do an in house video that would cover all aspects of FERPA? We don't have anyone to do lighting, to write the script, record, etc.
Jason asked if we could do a voice-over PowerPoint.
Nancy asked if any on the committee would be willing to do the PowerPoint.
Jason suggested that the PowerPoint be produced by someone knowledgeable about FERPA.
Nancy stated that we are not able to review the available videos before purchase. If purchased, we would have access for 1 year. One vendor has three videos which cover everything; one alone does not suffice.
Jason asked if Mike (Farris) is knowledgeable about most aspects of FERPA.
Debbie provided the target audiences for three trainings offered by Innovative Educators, Inc. Three different videos target Front line staff, the online environment and student employees.  Copies of the presentation of each of these videos was distributed.
Jason asked if we could use the vendor presentations as a guide for making our own.
Nancy remarked that so doing would be very labor intensive.
Jason asked if there was anyone knowledgeable about FERPA to oversee the production of an in-house video.
Linda remarked that we need a person to contact when we have questions related to FERPA; perhaps it would be better to train a few people and have one FERPA expert on the matter, perhaps someone in Admissions and Records.
Jason suggested that we consult with Mike (Farris) about what should be included in training since he will be responsible for FERPA compliance.
Nancy will contact Mike to invite him to a meeting.
Linda suggested that, in the interim, we could see what is available from Dabney Lancaster and in SANS for those with a limited need for FERPA training. Most of the time, Admissions and Records will be the department in need of extensive training.
Nancy agreed to contact Mike Farris to set up a meeting.
Jason commented that if we get suggestions from Mike and provide a script, Ed McGee could do the voice over for it.
Nancy stated that we need to look at the list of committee positions. We need to be considering replacements for those positons which are rotating off this year.
Debbie will send everyone an email regarding positions which are open, and encourage all members to consider suggestions for replacing those positions.
There was a brief discussion about the FERPA release form and the possibility of it being available electronically. Nancy and Linda did not think that this form could be added to the application process. Jason suggested that perhaps a link to the form could be provided.  Jason remarked that the electronic form should be accessible from the student's home and available in records. Nancy stated that none of our forms have this capability (it would need to be faxed in to CVCC). Jason remarked that the student version of Adobe worked for him in the past.
Nancy remarked that there is a checklist in counseling which is provided to students; perhaps the consent form could be added to that list.
·         Nancy will talk to Mike Farris to make an appointment for Debbie and Nancy to meet with him.
·         Linda agreed to check with Dabney Lancaster to see if their KC FERPA  training is fixed
·         Jason is going to check with David Lightfoot to see if we can provide a link from the enrollment process to FERPA form.
·         Debbie will check on committee positons which need to be filled and send an email to members
The meeting was adjourned at 1:40pm.

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