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                                             July 18, 2018



The two hundred and thirtieth meeting of the Central Virginia Community College Board was held at 4:30 p.m. on July 18, 2018, in the Appomattox Hall Conference Room, Room 1114.




Members Present

Dr. Mac Duis—Bedford County

Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum—City of Lynchburg

Mr. Nathaniel Marshall—City of Lynchburg

Mr. Winfred Nash—Appomattox County

Ms. Tamara Rosser— Bedford County

Dr. Steve Troxel—City of Lynchburg

Dr. John Walker—Amherst County


Members Absent

Ms. Julie Harris—Campbell County

Mr. Franklin Swann—City of Lynchburg


Special Guests Present

Mr.  Josh Moody, News and Advance


Staff Present


Dr. John Capps, President

Dr. Muriel Mickles, VP for Student and Academic Affairs

Mr. Lewis Bryant, III, VP for Finance and Administration

Vacant, VP of Institutional Advancement

Ms. Kris Ogden, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Strategic Planning

Chief Russell Dove, Chief of Police

Mr. William Sandidge, Director of Strategic Initiatives

Ms. Dianne Sykes, General Administration Coordinator



Dr. Lloyd Tannenbaum, Chair, called the meeting to order at 4:30 p.m.


Approval of Minutes No. 229


On a motion by Dr. Walker, duly seconded, Minutes No. 229 from the regular meeting of April 25, 2018, were approved as written.


The motion carried unanimously.






Dr. Tannenbaum stated as Mr. Witt was not present to receive his ROA, Ms. Sykes will ship it to him. The Board approved the ROA as written.


Ms. Tamara Rosser

Dr. Tannenbaum introduced Ms. Tamara Rosser and read her bio that she submitted.

§  Graduated from Radford University 1982, BS Psychology

§  Married James Rosser, Jr. in 1983; celebrating almost 35 years

§  Two daughters – Jasmine (31) and Sheterra (28); two grandchildren

§  Graduated from VA Tech in 2002, Masters, Public Administration

§  Graduate of Leadership Lynchburg, Class 36

§  Currently Director of the Department of Human Services, City of Lynchburg – Department includes the Divisions of Social Services and Juvenile Services;

§  Prior to becoming Director held several different positions – Director of Department of Juvenile Services with City of Lynchburg  for 6 years,  Manager of Planning and Evaluation for City of Lynchburg, Program Planner,  School Resource Specialist, has worked at the Central VA Training Center, Old Dominion Job Corps Center, sold shoes and worked in a carpet factory.

§  Joint owner of Forest Engraving in Forest, VA

§  Coached little league basketball for several years; coached two years at Sandusky Middle School, one year undefeated City Champs!

§  Very active in church activities,

§  Very active in community activities, serve or have served on numerous boards – Boys/Girls Club of Greater Lynchburg, Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Central VA; YWCA of Central VA, Red Cross, Mental Health Association of Central VA, United Way of Central VA review committees; served as Chair of the Allocation Committee for two years;

§  Currently serve on the United Way Board and the Workforce Investment Board.

§  Enjoys life and all of its many blessings!



                                Facilities and Finance Committee COMMITTEE

Financial Statements

The Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were reviewed. On a motion by Dr. Duis, duly seconded by Dr. Walker (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), the Local Fund Quarterly Financial Report and Financial Statements were approved as written.

The motion carried unanimously.

Campus Signage Request

On a motion by Dr. Duis, duly seconded by Mr. Nash (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), a request to fund a feasibility and design study using a VCCS retained Architect and Engineering firm to explore a new campus entry sign at a cost of $10,000 and to install a new sign at the Appomattox Center at a cost of $5,000 was approved.    

The motion carried unanimously.

Carryover-CVCC Institutional Police-Campus Patrol Vehicle

On a motion by Dr. Duis, duly seconded by Dr. Walker (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), requesting to carryover funds to pay for the Institutional Police patrol vehicle as the College was unable to write the check when the vehicle arrived due to its annual financial closing was approved.

(At the April 25, 2018, Board meeting, a local funds budget increase in the amount of $8,000 was approved to provide funding to purchase an All-Terrain campus patrol vehicle for Institutional Police.)

The motion carried unanimously.


Carryover-Appomattox Hall Furniture

On a motion by Dr. Duis, duly seconded by Mr. Marshall, (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), requesting a local funds budget increase in the amount of $9,162 to provide funding to replace the lobby furniture in the Appomattox Building was approved. (The furniture was ordered but was not received before the end of the financial year.)

(At the April 25, 2018, Board meeting, a local funds budget increase to purchase the furniture was approved but cost was unknown at that time.)  

The motion carried unanimously.


Utility Easement Appalachian Power Company &  Verizon

On a motion by Dr. Duis, duly seconded by Dr. Walker, (as the Facilities and Finance Committee did not have a quorum), a request of the proposed conveyance of an Utility Easement location of new overhead electric line on the property of CVCC by Appalachian Power Company and Verizon was approved. Dr. Capps and Mr. Bryant are authorized to work with AEP, Verizon, and VCCS representatives regarding the final easement location.

(The proposed Utility Easement area will encompass approximately 30 feet wide x approximately 2,200 feet long of State Board for Community Colleges’ property and will run parallel to Verizon’s existing poles and lines along Wards Ferry Road. The location of this Utility Easement area is in a portion of the campus that is currently unimproved woodlands and will not affect the long-term development plans reflected in the Campus Master Plan.

Compensation: APCo has offered to pay the college $3,000 in consideration of the State Board for Community Colleges granting this easement. In addition, APCo will take down and remove the existing APCo and Verizon poles; clear and remove trees within the new easement area; and chip all brush and spread the chips in the new right-of-way to control vegetation. APCo has also agreed to: a) provide an as-built utility easement plat; b) not disturb low growing trees; c) remove any “dangerous trees”; d) plant in locations selected by the College, electric line-friendly trees, as selected by the college; and e) provide a forestry expert to identify and document the trees in the vicinity for classroom and on-site instructional purposes.)

The motion carried unanimously.



Dr. Muriel Mickles

Dr. Mickles began her report by stating CVCC’s graduation in May was a wonderful event and one that she always looks forward to attending. She also reported on several new hires which included Dr. Cindy Wallin, Dean of Science, Math, and Engineering, Dr. Peter Dorman, Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences, (both have been acting in interim positions for the past two years), and stated the hiring process has begun for math, English, and political science faculty, navigators, and a mobile advisor. Dr. Mickles explained the mobile advisor (position is grant funded) will text students who have 45 or more college credits to encourage and direct them on how to complete their degree.

Dr. Mickles discussed EAB Navigate and stated the leadership team tested the onboarding software and gave feedback to the VCCS. She stated training was extended to students, and they also provided excellent feedback. Dr. Mickles reported on September 6, a training session for Navigate will be held for 70 people as CVCC will be going live this fall semester.

Dr. Mickles discussed Workforce reaching out to the community (those who provide services to the students) by hosting many workshops/meetings to learn about CVCC. She stated a Virginia Economic Development partnership meeting was held here at CVCC and was well-attended by community employers. She stated a regional area networking for employment meeting was held with about 50 in attendance. Dr. Mickles stated a Workforce Development joint meeting with many of the social services providers in the area have met and will continue to meet on a regular basis.

Dr. Mickles stated Virginia Western Community College (VWCC) heard of CVCC’s one-door approach of workforce and academic affairs and met with Dr. James Lemons to learn more about this idea.

Dr. Mickles stated several Workforce classes are being taught for area businesses which included Genworth Financial with 22 students in call center classes, phlebotomy classes for Centra Health, and Fire and EMS courses taught in Danville at their request.  

Dr. Mickles discussed Open Educational Resources (OER) and stated only five classes remain before a full General Education Certificate, General Studies program, and Science program can be offered to students at no cost or low cost for their books. She stated this should be completed by December at which time the grant will end.

Dr. Troxel questioned if CVCC charges a lab fee to their students. Dr. Capps answered CVCC does not charge an additional fee to the students for labs as the VCCS policy does not preclude this.  

Mr. Lewis Bryant, III

Mr. Bryant reported he and Dr. Mickles had worked together on CVCC’s book adoption process and stated in previous years selecting books was getting too close to the start of fall classes. He stated the Bookstore had to submit the order late causing the books to not be in stock until classes had begun. He stated the used books and buy-back book process was also impacted. Mr. Bryant stated their recommendation was the book adoptions would begin prior to faculty leaving for the summer. He stated the Follett Bookstore gave incentives for the getting the book orders in on time and provided pizza for the deans’ administrative assistants and staff. Mr. Bryant stated as a result, the book orders received were at 99% compared to 40% last year. He reported CVCC is now one of a couple bookstores of the 1,250 Follett Bookstores in the United States with this adoption rate. Mr. Bryant stated he hopes this will increase the number of used books the students are able to purchase.

Mr. Bryant stated at the October Board meeting he hopes to have quotes from VDOT for the repaving of the parking lots. He stated the parking fee (now at $300,000) that has been collected will partially fund the maintenance of the parking lots but stated that it would not be enough to pay for the repaving of the lots.

Mr. Bryant reported on the Amherst and Campbell Halls’ renovation and stated in May, the VCCS advertised for an A&E firm and received a number of competitive bids. He reported all companies bidding are quality firms and he hopes one will be selected by September.

Ms. Kristen Ogden

Ms. Ogden began her report by discussing CVCC’s Strategic Plan. She stated CVCC’s current plan is a six-year plan called Complete 2021 and stated CVCC has just completed the third year with published biennium cycles. Ms. Ogden stated the Chancellor uses biennium goals and CVCC aligns its plans with those goals along with funding-based metrics that the VCCS uses. She stated this fiscal year’s allocation performance-based funding was 16% and will continue increasing until 20% is reached. She stated the main goal of this plan is to triple the number of credentials awarded annually by 2021. Ms. Ogden stated CVCC developed its plan with initiatives such as Navigate which is used to define pathways for individuals to completing education, or entering workforce, with a focus on providing relevant educational and career opportunities in the region.

Ms. Ogden stated the plan is divided into four objectives-connection, entry, progress, and completion. She stated, in the handout, strategies are listed to achieve each objective. Ms. Ogden stated the second handout showed CVCC’s progress toward the Chancellor’s objectives for the second biennium. She stated as CVCC closes out the first year of the second biennium, it is not expected for these goals to be fully achieved.

Ms. Ogden discussed the performance-based budget and stated for this year, CVCC received 16% of the entire VCCS’ budget which exceeds what it would have traditionally received in the FTE model. She reported in comparison with the other 22 colleges, CVCC is ranked fourth.

Ms. Ogden reported on the Workforce credentials and stated while this does not factor into the performance-based model, it does factor into the Chancellor’s goal of tripling credentials. She stated CVCC still continues to excel in the number of credentials awarded.

Ms. Ogden stated, for the most part, CVCC is on track in the third year of Complete 2021. 

Chief Russell Dove

Chief Dove began his report by stating during this summer his department has had a significant amount of training. He stated one program he initiated was for CVCC to become a Certified Crime Prevention Campus. He stated this is similar to the accreditation process for law enforcement agencies and a program geared towards campuses. He stated the College has 11 core objectives (which were distributed) that must be met. Chief Dove stated one objective is to have a DCJS certified prevention specialist on staff assigned to crime prevention duties. He stated Officer Cawthon is in training now for CVCC. Chief Dove reported Germanna Community College is the first VCCS college to obtain the certification, and he wants CVCC to be the second one. He stated this will not only increase campus safety but also increase the perception of campus safety.  

Chief Dove stated he feels all but two (certified crime prevention officer and access to victim/witness services program) of the objectives would be completed if submitted out of 15 required objectives.  

Mr. Will Sandidge

Mr. Sandidge began his report by stating the College continues to work with Ad Astra which is a software and service that help higher education increase operational efficiency. He stated a team is meeting weekly with a consultant to create a more efficient schedule by reviewing the timing and number of courses that are provided to the students.

Mr. Sandidge discussed the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) which is an accreditation for dual enrolled classes taught in the high schools by high school faculty and stated a team is working to complete all the standards required to become accredited. He stated this will allow students that have taken dual enrolled classes to seamlessly transfer these classes to four-year colleges.

Mr. Sandidge reported Dr. Capps has asked him to get training on the Alliance Certification through the Department of Veteran Services. He stated there are three steps to achieve this certification which includes: attending a training session (Ms. Tina Murphy-CVCC’s Veteran’s Coordinator has completed this), submit an executive cover letter to the governor requesting this certification, and submit a military veterans’ student success plan.

Dr. Troxel questioned if the teachers in the high schools who teach college-credit courses have to have graduate degrees. Mr. Sandidge stated yes if they are teaching transfer courses but if they are teaching a career technical class, if may not be required.

Dr. John Capps

Dr. Capps thanked everyone for the support and encouragement that was given to him during his recent accident. He also thanked the senior administration for keeping the College on its course during his absence.

Dr. Capps stated Ms. Ogden did an admirable job of summarizing where the College is with its current strategic plan. Dr. Capps continued by reporting on several important issues that needed discussing such as the College’s compensation plan. He stated CVCC had conducted a compensation analysis two years ago and discovered in too many cases, the salaries being paid to its employees were below what they should have been. Dr. Capps stated to correct this, a three-phase process was created. He reported he was pleased to say that two phases are now completed, and in August the last phase will be completed. He stated a salary analysis will be conducted on the part-time employees as there are serious inequities there as well.  

Dr. Capps discussed CVCC’s one-door approach by integrating workforce and academic affairs. He stated great progress has been done but the College still has two admissions, financial aid, and two support functions. Dr. Capps stated the College’s resources needed to be integrated for the advantage of the students. 

Dr. Capps stated the College needs to be more entrepreneurial on the development of new programs of study. He stated he felt the current curricula had been effectively marketed but there are areas of further growth in trades, advanced technology, and health sciences curricula.  

Dr. Capps stated during his recent injury he felt this may change his life forever, and it caused him to think about many of the College’s students who feel hopeless and really need CVCC to help change the course of their lives. He referred to a report on ALICE (asset limited, income constrained, employed) which is  a population representing those men, women, and families who work hard and earn more than the official Federal Poverty Level, but less than the basic cost of living.

Statistics of households that fall in this category are listed below.

·       34% of households in Bedford County

·       39% of households in Appomattox County

·       40% of households in Campbell County

·       41% of households in Amherst County

·       54% of households in Lynchburg City

Dr. Capps stated these are the students that really need CVCC, and CVCC can make the difference in students’ lives from poverty to prosperity.

Dr. Capps stated the big news this week is about CVCC being recognized as a “Great College to Work For” and that is a recognition of which to be proud.

Dr. Capps shared the final report of the Enrollment Taskforce of which he was chair. He stated this taskforce was about increasing enrollment in the VCCS and reported CVCC has already implemented many of these initiatives.


Dr. Tannenbaum stated the chair of the Local Advisory Board is an ex officio member of CVCC’s Foundation Board. He reported he attended a Foundation meeting on May 16 at which he learned what an important role the Foundation plays in the success of CVCC. He stated the Foundation members include the business leaders of the greater Lynchburg area, and the fund balance as of March 1 is over $3.4 million. Dr. Tannenbaum stated he had an incomplete vision on assumption of the role of the Foundation. He stated the Foundation does a lot more than just giving scholarships to students. He stated functions include faculty/staff development, contribute toward faculty/staff grant programs, graduation alumni event, student emergency fund, science fair, summer academies, marketing staff support, Great Expectations, other programs and basic adult education.








There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at
5:52 p.m.


                                                                          ______________________________John Capps





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