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Minutes of the

President’s Cabinet Meeting

October 22, 2018


Minutes Approval:


Minutes of the September 24, 2018, were approved as written.



John Capps

David Lightfoot

Randall Franklin

Mary Canfield

Muriel Mickles

Kris Ogden

Will Sandidge

Sarah Jarrett

Lewis Bryant

Russell Dove     

Matt Latimer

Dianne Sykes




Name(s) highlighted in yellow were absent.

Enrollment Report:

Data as of Today (10/22/2018)














CGC Consent Agenda Items:




Agenda Items:

Proposed CVCC Calendar Procedure (LIGHTFOOT)

David distributed and the President’s Cabinet discussed the following proposed CVCC Calendar procedure.

[As an institution of higher education there are many important dates throughout each calendar, fiscal and academic year. The goal of the CVCC Calendar is to present important dates to the college community, everyone with a email address, in a convenient format.

To ensure the calendar entries are germane to the majority of the college community, the calendar entries will be limited to the categories listed in the table below. Requests to add a category to the CVCC Calendar must be approved by the President's Cabinet.

CVCC Calendar Categories

Academic Calendar e.g. Classes Begin

College-wide Campus Events e.g. Picnic, History Day

College Holidays

Committee Meetings

Pay Days

Full Time

Part Time

Adjunct Faculty

Professional  Development  Events

IT will serve as the primary manager of the calendar and will strive to ensure calendar entries are entered in a timely manner when they are communicated to the college community.

Requests to have entries added to the CVCC calendar can be sent to Please include the following in the email request:

     Subject e.g. "Blood Drive"



     Category from list above

Upon request, category owners, e.g. Professional Development Coordinator, will be granted permission to add calendar entries to the CVCC Calendar.

CVCC's default personal information management tool is Microsoft Outlook; hence CVCC's calendar will be presented via the Outlook application that is part of Microsoft Office and Outlook Web Access (OWA). Unfortunately it is not currently available via the Outlook Mobile App. Instructions for accessing the CVCC Calendar via the Outlook application and OWA are provided in Appendix A.]

John stated this will be another important communication tool and also an invitation to become engaged. David stated training would be provided in setting up this calendar. (opting out from using this calendar will be an option)

The President’s Cabinet unanimously approved the proposed CVCC calendar as written.

Employee Recognition Awards (CAPPS)

Lewis reported, in December 2016, the College awarded employees a bonus with a maximum of $2,000. He stated the average full-time faculty/staff (that met criteria) award was about $750. Lewis stated this time the College is looking at giving a fixed amount based on what the budget can afford. He stated in 2016, there was a tuition increase and the VCCS State Board earmarked a portion of it for full-time bonuses (CVCC funded part-time and adjunct bonuses). Lewis stated this time, the College is funding the full amount.

John stated Lewis and Randall will review the numbers, employee categories, budget, and make a decision as to the amount. He also questioned what precludes the College from doing this every year. John stated the pressure is on Muriel as a lot of resources have been invested in student success initiatives to increase enrollment and improve retention. He stated a return needs to be seen on that investment as it will increase the discretionary funds to be used for future bonuses. 

Divisional Reports:

Part-Time Staff Association

Sarah reported the Part-Time Staff Association discussed the possibility of having a photo directory for employees and students. David stated CVCC students are not required to get an ID and even if they were, the photos would require too much storage on PeopleSoft. He questioned if the photos would be just available internally or externally also. Sarah stated maybe to just start with faculty/staff. John requested the E2IT Committee (Muriel and David are members) to address this at their next meeting on November 13. He also stated he wants assurance there is wide-spread support from the College community. Muriel suggested a survey as the first step to answer his question. John asked for further discussion at a future Cabinet meeting.

Sarah questioned if there was a way for everyone to be able to attend holiday/spring socials. She stated if it was communicated early in advance students would know that offices would be closed for a Campus event. Muriel and Lewis agreed with this suggestion. (John stated the library might be an exception as it would hard to close but could maybe use a work study.) Sarah also suggested at the socials to maybe use separate food stations to help alleviate the long lines. Kris will mention this to John Lofaso as he is chair of the Social Committee.

Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

Muriel reported an Open House will be held here at CVCC on October 25 and extended an invitation to everyone.    

Vice President of Finance and Administration

Lewis had nothing else to report.

Vice President of Information Technology

David had nothing else to report.

Classified Staff Association

Mary reported a 3.14 mile run held on Pi day at CVCC (March 14), and working with Habitat for Humanity are two Classified Staff Association events that are scheduled for the spring.  

Dean of Institutional Effectiveness

Kris had nothing else to report.


John had nothing else to report.

Campus Police/Security

Russell was absent.

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Will was absent.

Director of Human Resources

Randall was absent.

Faculty Association

Matt was absent. 

The meeting adjourned 2:30 p.m. The next President’s Staff meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2018.

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