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Central Virginia Community College
QEP Committee
February 20, 2014
1:00 p.m.
President’s Conference Room
Members present
Ms. Joy Adams, Student Success Center Coordinator
Ms. Kimberly French, Counselor
Dr. Joey Fronheiser, Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Mr. Pat Gatti, Director, Bedford Off-Site Center
Dr. Cynthia Lofaso, QEP - Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology
Ms. Kristin Ogden, Coordinator, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Mr. Kevin Riley, Student Services Coordinator
Ms. Lana Velez, QEP – Co-Chair, Assistant Professor of English
Members absent
Dr. Gary Randolph, Professor of English
Mr. Will Sandidge, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Mr. Ernie Wade, Associate Professor of Economics
Dr. Lofaso called the meeting to order. 
Dr. Lofaso and Ms. Velez provided an update on the first “Coffee, Tea, and QEP” that was held on February 18.  The event went well.  The next one is scheduled for March 19.  They also reported on meetings with various constituency groups.  Valuable input is being collected and will be further considered as the QEP develops.
Ms. Adams discussed her visit to Virginia Western Community College’s (VWCC)  learning resource center.  She will provide images and notes prior to the next meeting.  The committee discussed strategies that VWCC uses to support developmental education students.
Additional information related to the development of the Student Success Center should be collected from current users of the existing center.  Ms. Ogden will incorporate questions into upcoming student and faculty surveys.  The Committee will provide specific areas of interest.
The Committee discussed visiting the off-site centers to promote the QEP.  Mr. Gatti provided suggested times for the Bedford Center and will follow up with other off-site directors.  These visits will be scheduled for fall to be certain new cohorts of early college students are included.
Ms. Velez stated that Jeremy Bryant at LC is working to schedule the next meeting to discuss the peer tutoring partnership.  She emphasized the importance of proving training to peer tutors and suggested that training should be explored during the pilot phase of the QEP.
Ms. Riley provided an update from the marketing committee that included the following:
·         Business cards with QEP talking points
·         Reviewing the QEP with students
·         Establishing a QEP e-mail address
·         QEP FAQs
·         Information table at college events including the spring picnic
·         Essay contest
·         Logo content to be announced and promoted on CVCC students and high school juniors and seniors
·         Marketing efforts will target students enrolled in fall
Dr. Lofaso provided an update on the work with Pearson to create an assessment instrument to be used to assess developmental writing students.  They will provide codes for spring students so that a baseline can be established.  There will be one pre and posttest for ENF 1 &2 students and a separate pre and posttest for ENF 3 students.  English faculty will approve the instrument and will develop essay prompts that will be used as a locally developed assessment in the QEP process, along with the existing ENG 111 and 112 writing assessment.  The writing portion of the ETS Proficiency Profile will be used to assess associate degree graduates.  Other assessments will include retention, progression, usage of services, participation, and survey data.
Ms. Velez provided an update on the QEP lead evaluator process.  She and Dr. Lofaso continue to explore options, but encourage committee members to bring forward any potential candidates for consideration.  Ms. Ogden will ask the Compliance Certification consultant whether she has any suggestions.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be February 27 at 1:00 p.m.

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