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Central Virginia Community College
QEP Committee
February 27, 2014
1:00 p.m.
President’s Conference Room
Members present
Ms. Joy Adams, Student Success Center Coordinator
Ms. Kimberly French, Counselor
Mr. Pat Gatti, Director, Bedford Off-Site Center
Dr. Cynthia Lofaso, QEP - Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology
Ms. Kristin Ogden, Interim Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning
Dr. Gary Randolph, Professor of English
Mr. Kevin Riley, Student Services Coordinator
Mr. Will Sandidge, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services
Ms. Lana Velez, QEP – Co-Chair, Assistant Professor of English
Mr. Ernie Wade, Associate Professor of Economics
Dr. Lofaso called the meeting to order.  She informed the Committee that she and Ms. Velez, Ms. Adams, and Dr. Randolph will be returning to Lynchburg College to meet with Jeremy Bryant on February 28.  They will provide an update at the next meeting.
Ms. Adams provided information about a recent visit that the Learning Resource Center subcommittee made to Virginia Western Community College.  She shared images and information about the visit. Mr. Sandidge would like to schedule a 2nd visit so that other committee members can consider the information presented by the subcommittee to develop strategies in support of the QEP.
Mr. Riley provided an update from the Marketing sub-committee as follows:
·         QEP E-mail created
·         Logo contest flyers completed and posted and follow-up with high schools will be conducted
Ms. Velez provided an update on the Pearson draft pre and post tests.  Ms. Ogden indicated that student satisfaction surveys will be administered in April.  Questions specific to the experiences of developmental students and use of the tutoring services will be reviewed and revised prior to its distribution.
The Committee discussed the significance of Smarthinking, the College’s online tutoring service.  The usage rates will be monitored as other tutoring options are explored.  On-line tutoring is an important component of student services because it ensures tutoring services are available to all students, regardless of the modality by which they receive their instruction.
Dr. Randolph provided an update on a conference he attended.  He emphasized the need to integrate technology into English courses in order to stay current with practices in the field.  Professional development for faculty and software upgrades were discussed as they relate to the QEP.
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.  The next meeting will be held at 1:00 p.m. on March 3.

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