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Central Virginia Community College
QEP Committee
March 27, 2014
1:00 p.m.
President's Conference Room


Members present

Ms. Joy Adams, Student Success Center Coordinator
Mr. Will Sandidge, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services Mr. Pat Gatti, Director, Bedford Off-Site Center
Dr. Cynthia Lofaso, QEP -  Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology
Dr. Gary Randolph, Professor of English
Mr. Kevin Riley, Student Services Coordinator
Ms. Lana Velez, QEP – Co-Chair, Assistant Professor of English
Mr. Ernie Wade, Associate Professor of Economics

Members absent

Ms. Kimberly French, Counselor
Ms. Kristin Ogden, Interim Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning




Dr. Lofaso called the meeting to order. 

Dr. Lofaso reminded the Committee that the next meeting on April 3 will be a noon instead of 1pm due to a Governance Council Meeting scheduled at 1pm on that date.

The committee discussed the April 10 meeting, which is the week of the New Horizons Conference.  Since many members will be attending that conference, the meeting was cancelled.

Several committee members (Dr. Lofaso, Dr. Randolph, and Lana Velez) plan to visit the tutoring center at Virginia Western Community College while in Roanoke attending the New Horizons conference.  During the meeting scheduled for April 17, the committee plans to take information from the Learning Resource Center subcommittee and those who visited Virginia Western’s tutoring center and begin to make recommendations on how to reallocate space in the Bedford building.

Mr. Riley informed the committee that we now have five entries in the logo contest.  The deadline for the contest is March 31.  Members of the marketing subcommittee previously decided that if we receive fewer than ten submissions, the larger QEP committee will vote on the winner.  (If we received more than ten, the marketing subcommittee would narrow down the entries before presenting them to the larger committee for a vote.)  Choosing the winning logo will be on the agenda for the April 3 meeting.  Mr. Riley also plans to interview the artist who wins the contest and send out a press release.

The marketing committee is also planning a “game show” contest for Thursday, April 24.  Playing on the friendly rivalry that exists between Student Government members and Student Ambassador members, the marketing committee is planning a game show contest that will incorporate questions about the QEP. 

The committee also discussed setting up a booth during the student picnic on Friday, April 25.  QEP members will sign up for times to sit at the booth and distribute information.  Once the winning logo is determined, Mr. Riley and the marketing subcommittee members will decide what marketing items they can purchase and have in time to distribute at the picnic.  Mr. Sandidge asked Mr. Riley to provide him with budget information regarding the purchase of those items.

Dr. Lofaso provided the committee with an update on assessment tools.  English faculty who primarily teach ENF 3/ENG 111 reviewed Pearson’s draft of a post test and have sent the company suggested changes.  Once Pearson has those changes, the company will start working on  a second version of the post test to use for ENF 1 and ENF 2 courses.  The English department plans to administer post tests at the end of this semester in order to have some baseline data and also to “test drive” the process in preparation for the fall.  In the fall, all ENF students will take a pre test and a post test, and they will also participate in an essay assessment.  English department faculty are currently working on the essay assessment instrument.

Ms. Velez updated the committee on progress with the interactive time line website.  She delivered materials to Mr. Wil Perez on Wednesday, March 26.  The materials included 38 files with information such as power point presentations, results of the ENF survey completed in the fall, and descriptions of QEP-related meetings and events.  She will continue to work with Mr. Perez on this project and keep the committee updated on progress.

Dr. Lofaso noted that she and Ms. Velez sent out an “everyone” email to the college community with an update on the QEP.  This email was sent on Tuesday, March 25.  The QEP Co-Chairs were scheduled to present at the Faculty Association meeting that day, but school as closed due to inclement weather.  Mrs. Velez also sent out an additional email to all English faculty that included more specifics regarding assessment.  That email was also sent on Tuesday, March 25.

Dr. Lofaso informed the committee that she and Mrs. Velez will host two open forums (“Coffee, Tea, and the QEP”) on Thursday, April 17.  One will be at noon in the student center, and the other will be late afternoon with the intent of reaching night students. 

Mrs. Velez noted that she contacted Dr. Peter Dorman, who is editing the QEP document, to let him know that Mrs. Velez, Dr. Lofaso, and Dr. Randolph will be focusing on writing the QEP document over the summer.

On Tuesday, April 1, Dr. Lofaso, Dr. Randolph, Mrs. Velez, and Ms. Ogden plan to meet to discuss the QEP. Dr. Lofaso and Mrs. Velez shared information with the committee regarding the College of Reading and Learning Association, which certifies tutoring programs.  This group also offers tutor training materials. Dr. Lofaso requested that we budget for membership in this organization, which is $70 per person.  The committee decided that Ms. Adams, Dr. Randolph, Dr. Lofaso, and Mrs. Velez should become members.  Mr. Sandidge requested that they provide him with the application materials next week. The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.  The next meeting will be at noon on April 3.

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