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Central Virginia Community College

QEP Committee

May 8, 2014

2:00 p.m.


Members present

Ms. Joy Adams, Student Success Center Coordinator

Mr. Pat Gatti, Director, Bedford Off-Site Center

Dr. Cynthia Lofaso, QEP -  Co-Chair, Associate Professor of Psychology

Dr. Gary Randolph, Professor of English

Mr. Kevin Riley, Research Analyst, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning

Ms. Lana Velez, QEP – Co-Chair, Assistant Professor of English

Mr. Ernie Wade, Associate Professor of Economics


Members absent

Mr. Will Sandidge, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Student Services

Ms. Kimberly French, Counselor

Ms. Kristin Ogden, Interim Dean, Institutional Effectiveness and Planning



Dr. Lofaso called the meeting to order. 

Dr. Lofaso reminded the Committee that this was the last QEP Committee meeting of the semester.  No regular QEP Committee meetings are scheduled for the summer; they will be called on an “as needed” basis.  QEP Subcommittees will continue to meet regularly.  Ms. Velez, Dr. Randolph, and Dr. Lofaso will be writing the QEP document over the summer with their first session scheduled for this Monday, May 12 at 11am.  Mr. Kevin Riley, Chair of the Marketing Committee, and Ms. Joy Adams, Chair of the Learning Resource Center/Facilities Committee, will also participate in that meeting, which will involve finalizing some details about the five-year plan.

Brenda Box (Bedford Center) presented her interior design work for the temporary writing center space.  Her presentation included a floor plan, recommendations on furnishings (half tables, lamps, chairs, etc.), and color scheme ideas to compliment a theme of “budding writers.” The committee reviewed her documents and requested that she proceed with an estimated budget based on her ideas.

The QEP Committee then voted on having Bedford 3207C serve as the temporary location of the Writing Center.  Those in favor:  Ms. Adams, Dr. Lofaso, Ms. Velez, Mr. Gatti, Mr. Riley, and Mr. Wade.  Those against: none.  Dr. Randolph abstained.

Dr. Lofaso and Ms. Velez shared survey data received from Jessica Guggenheimer Assistant Dean, Academic and Career Services at Lynchburg College, who asked LC students about their interest in tutoring at CVCC.  (The survey results are below.)

Dr. Lofaso noted that she, Ms. Velez, and Dr. Randolph have a meeting scheduled at 10am this coming Monday, May 12, with Dr. Muriel Mickles to finalize plans for the Writing Center Director position.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:40.


Lynchburg College Survey Data

  • 37 people responded to the survey out of approximately 111 students who received it. 

o   7 students are definitely interested in tutoring, generally speaking.

o   17 students are moderately interested in tutoring, generally speaking.

  • 18 students are definitely interested in tutoring if it pays by the hour.
  • 3-4 students are definitely interested in earning credit for tutoring.
  • 5 students are definitely interested in tutoring as service hours.
  • 75% of respondents indicated that they could commit no more than 4 hours per week to a tutoring job at CVCC.
  • Almost 85% have their own transportation.
  • Between 12 – 20 students are very/confident about their ability to tutor developmental writing. 
  • 62% think they would require minimal to no training and support to become confident in all aspects of the writing process. 



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