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Student Success Committee Minutes
11/13/2018, meeting began at 1:00 pm
Meeting Objectives:
1.       Approve Minutes
2.       Update on resource guides and magazine holders
3.       CARE Team update
4.       Classified staff and part time staff now members with voting rights
5.       Phone Tree
Members Present:                          Members Absent:
1.       Patti Saffioti                                       1. Matt Naugle
2.       Teresa Ranson                                   2. Thomas Sparhawk
3.       Renee Chalmers                               3. Vicki Bowman
4.       Raylene Cope                                    4. Meredith McLaughlin
5.       Collins Friddle                                    5. Joy Adams
6.       Cynthia Lofaso                                  6. Matt Poteat
7.       Chris Jordan                                      
8.       Jennifer Onuffer
9.       Brittney Cochrane
10.   Emma Donohue
11.   Layia Perry
12.   Chris Robinson
13.   Kimberly French
14.   Michael Farris
15.   David Lightfoot
Old Business:
·         Minutes were approved from 10/2/2018
·         Resource Guides have been ordered and will be distributed in magazine holders in the ladies restrooms. They should be in place by Spring 2018
·         Looking for direction on how to establish a Care Team on campus as well as acquiring funding possibly from a grant. The focus of the Care Team at this time is mental health assessment. Cynthia Lofaso volunteered to represent the faculty on the Care Team.
·         Part-time staff was approved as voting members of this committee. Jennifer Onuffer was present to represent Vickie Bowman concerning this issue.
New Business:
#1 - We need to better prepare our students for college success by making sure they have the basic         computer skills necessary when they start college.
·         Students are struggling in ITE and Business classes because they are used to Chrome Books rather than the Office Suite, etc., that we use on campus
·         Suggestions were to add a new class to make sure they are better prepared
#2 – English as a Second Language
·         It was noted that students were struggling because we don’t have resources in place to help these students on an individual basis
·         It was suggested that we get a tutor or some resource point of contact for ESL students
·         It was mentioned that maybe the Navigate team could help.
#3 – Phone Tree was discussed at length, presented by David Lightfoot
·         Improvements necessary were prioritized
·         Update options when persons call the main CVCC number
·         Phone system should align with the website by giving options by Services and not by Departments
§  Paying for College
§  Enrolling for Classes
§  Contacting Instructors
·         Maybe add a Live Chat Box since we don’t have a live person to answer the phone at all times
·         Set the system up so that it will get the person calling to a live person at least by the time they make their 3rd choice of services as they move through the phone tree when they call
·         The goal is for students to not have to leave a number for someone to call them back because if they call they more than likely need help at that moment.
·         Add a “Contact Us” number on the front page of the website (maybe some listings for major departments)
·         The topic was discussed about “Why our group is tasked with this job?” and “Do we need a smaller group to improve the phone tree?”
General Consensus after much discussion was:
·         Form a smaller committee of some of the major departments on campus to decide how the phone tree should be built.
·         Speak with Will Perez about adding a “Contact Us” number to our webpage
·         Hope to have a small working group in place for phone tree improvements by Jan 22nd meeting.
Secondary to the Phone Tree
·         We need to make sure our info on the website, catalog, and signage for the college align correctly
Meeting was adjourned at 2:20pm

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