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Governance Committee
Meeting Minutes
Date and Time:      Thursday, 2/7/2013; 3:00 – 4:30pm
Next Meeting:        Thursday, 2/21/2013, at 3:00pm (tentatively)
·        Reviewed the survey results.
·        Considering setting up Tuesday and Thursday meeting days.
·        Governance Council needs clarification. The paragraph defining its purpose is unclear.
·        The decision-making process cannot take away the power of the President nor the Vice Presidents.
·        Where should some plans go to move forward?
·        When does the recommendation become a policy? And who makes the policy?
·        How long do we want this process to take?
·        How does the budget process go through the Governance model?
·        How do we make the changes for the college community?
·        Do we keep the Governance Council? If so, we need to define the council’s purpose and role.
·        Recommendation: Research other college’s protocol/agenda for the council.
·       Governance Council affects the budget.
·       We need to add a statement to the council’s purpose and role stating that each committee conducts all of the research and the council discusses it.
·       Develop a recommendation for clarity to the council’s role and why.
·       Provide examples of global decisions.
·       Muriel will email Dr. Capps with questions and ask him to attend our next meeting
·        Meeting adjourned at 4:30pm.

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