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Governance Committee
Meeting Minutes
Date and Time:      Thursday, 2/21/2013; 3:00 – 4:30pm
Next Meeting:        Thursday, 2/28/2013, at 3:00pm, Room 5118
·        Several others were invited to meeting (Ernie Wade, John Poole, Jim Lemons, and Will Sandidge).
·        Detailed discussion on what policies should be brought to the CGC.
·        At 4:00pm, the main CGC members remained to discuss the CGC definition and determine additional agenda items for the future.
·        Approved policy should be sent to President’s Cabinet as a “consent agenda item”.
·        Reconstructed the definition.
·        Stated that “consent items” are not open for discussion.
·        We can consider adding excerpts from other colleges.
·       Muriel will type up expanded definition of the CGC.
·       Irene will make VWCC document relevant to CVCC.
·       Tim Rhoades will create the policy development protocol entailing examples for the descriptions. (Everyone is to send Tim examples for him to review.)
·        Meeting adjourned at 4:40pm.

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