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Committee on Committees
Meeting Minutes
Date and Time:      Thursday, 9/26/2013; 2:00pm – 3:30pm
Next Meeting:        Tuesday, 10/1/2013; 2:00pm – 3:30pm
·        John Poole explained the budgeting process.
o   John & Joey are in the data gathering process.
o   College community needs to make the decisions.
o   Timeline still needs to be worked out.
o   Departmental assessments are being created.
o   Zero-based budget was a one-year process during transition.
o   Balancing budget based on 57% tuition revenue is challenging.
o   Compliance Assist is location where departments request budgeting information.
o   A lot of needs are identified in Program Assessments.
o   John & Joey do not want to dictate timelines and/or needs.
o   May 1st – final deadline for Committee on Committees to submit a detailed & structured budget.
o   John does not suggest using the Finance committee as a deciding body.
o   Standing committee recommended – meet only when you need it.
·        John & Joey will send out instructions on how to develop the budget.
·        If a department is not able to obtain funding, how else can it accomplish its goals?
·        Rationale (narrative) will be needed for requests.
·        How can we accomplish our goals without spending money?
·        The chairperson and recorder will be decided at the last meeting of the academic year for the following year.
·        One goal will be set at the last meeting of the academic year for the following year.
·        Committee on Committees will conduct training on committee functions for all chair people, recorders, and anyone else interested.
·        The chairperson should send out an agenda and reminder e-mail for all meetings.
·       Determine recommendations for membership of committees.
·       Determine recommendations for the charge and duties of the committees.
·       Irene will update the calendar.
·        Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

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