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Committee on Committees
Meeting Minutes
Date and Time:      Tuesday, 10/10/2013; 2:30pm – 4:00pm
Next Meeting:        TBD
·        Dani van Vierssen was a special guest to discuss the possibility of creating an Athletics Committee.
o   Irene created the word format for the new committee being compatible to other committees in the Governance Model.
o   The group generated the charge for the committee and the membership.
o   Muriel will send it to Dani for her review and receive feedback by Wednesday, 10/16/2013.
o   Once the information is finalized, it will be presented to the College Governance Council for approval.
o   Dani was appreciative of the opportunity to make this available to the College community.
·        Muriel mentioned that the CGC role needs to be updated in the Governance Model.
·        Irene mentioned that we should develop an official process defining the Committee on Committee’s method for making additions, deletions, and modifications to the model.
·        Muriel is going to review the Deans’ role in each committee.
·        Muriel is going to speak with the E2IT Committee to discuss goals implementation.
·        A survey is going to be developed and sent out asking for thoughts on electing a chair and recorder at the end of the academic year for the following year.
·       Review the Strategic Planning and Budgeting Timeline.
·        Meeting adjourned at 4:00pm.

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