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Committee on Committees
Meeting Minutes
Date and Time:      Thursday, 11/14/2013; 2:00pm – 3:30pm; Room 5118
Next Meeting:        TBD
·        Added statement to governance model stating that anyone can add an agenda item to a committee’s agenda.
·        Discussed the idea that CGC is to gather all of the data from each committee detailing the next academic year’s chairperson, recorder, and committee goals.
·        Muriel will send the Strategic Plan & Budget Timeline template, Athletics Committee, and Annual Budget Planning Committee information to Ernie Wade to be discussed at the CGC meeting.
·        Added statement to Annual Budget Planning Committee, “committee will meet from March to June at their discretion”.
·        Tom will revise CVCC CGC Model.
·        Updated objectives of CVCC College Governance.
·        Added the definition of a standing committee to the model.
·       None
·        Meeting adjourned at 3:30pm.

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