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Committee on Committees


Meeting Minutes


Date and Time:      Thursday, 2/20/2014; 2:00pm – 3:30pm; Room 5118

Next Meeting:        TBD



·        Kris Ogden reviewed the Institutional Effectiveness (IE) budget documents: Annual Budget Planning Committee Membership Roster, Annual Strategic Budget Planning Schedule, Institutional Effectiveness Framework, Budget Request Template, and the Budget Request Prioritization Rubric.

·        The new IE documents will be utilized in the model as live documents that are continuously reviewed and updated.

·        David Lightfoot discussed the E2IT committee stating that the committee is ineffective with the recommendation to disseminate the committee.

·        The committee agreed that the E2IT committee should not be disseminated but be greatly altered.

·        Each member will speak with a member of the E2IT committee and ask for their thoughts on ways to improve their committee.




·       Each member will report back to the committee detailing their meeting(s) with the E2IT committee members.

·       Be prepared to discuss the process in disbanding the Committee on Committees.



·        Meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.

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